I am not a designer

Yet, I design content (we used to say “I write”, WHAT HAPPENED?) and community interactions for a living every day.

As a freelancer, I learned a lot from Mike Monteiro’s book, Design is a Job. You should read it, and remix/reuse this ageless client screener of his.

Then Mike made a follow-up conference at Webstock in 2013.

Then I discovered in Creative Mornings‘ archives this gem: Mike, introducing his lawyer. Again an eye-opener.

Then Mike was on stage lately, in great shape.

Become a designer: learning from Mike Monteiro is a great crash-course in business, ethics, and responsibility.

I am not a designer. If you are one, help me spread these links to good ol’ web ressources. Do not let a fellow designer not knowing about Mike’s contributions to this craft.

And please read also Erika Hall‘s ones (e.g. Conversational Design).