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It’s never been about office desks: community stories. #web2day 2019, Nantes

Yesterday in Nantes, Rasa Strumskyte and I hit the Atlanbois stage for the Web2Day festival, to discuss coworking in this day and age, and way more.

Our goal was not to comment on Talent Garden’s recent fundraising aiming to open great community campuses in cities “too small” for WeWork. It’s been vastely commented already, and I’m sure Real Estate nerds and I will widely dig into that next November in Warsaw.

We wanted to take the time to explain how do we live, learn, collaborate and share in those spaces, how do work and life happen in coworking communities and shared hybrid spaces, globally. People in the room were almost all “coworking virgins”, so we tried our best to keep it as simple and precisely rooted into everyday dynamics as we could.

This fireside chat started with a little but crucial remote video help and introduction from my friends and European Coworking Heroes Jeannine van der Linden and Fernando Mendes. Listening to them sharing about community values from real lives well lived and reflect upon decades of experience is not your typical corporate bullshit about “co-working” #CoWrong, buckle up!

  Listen the audio recording of our live conversation here (huge applause for Manon from the volunteer team and Jordan the freelance AV steward with mstream, both in Atlanbois: you rock <3)

 You can find Rasa’s slides here as a .pdf (EN, Courtesy of Talent Garden, all rights reserved). To dig deeper into community members stories, please check Talent Garden’s 2018 impact report here (in particular, pages 41-52 of it –direct download here-)

It’s been my 6th Web2Day out of 11th editions, and this is becoming an ongoing conversation about better ways of working, infinite places, and the people into those doing important, fantastic, new stuff I am proud of and humbled by at the same time.

You can find the previous episodes here:

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A huge thanks to the organization & curation team, in particular Céline & Magali, for their trust over the years. It’s always a pleasure to make this conversation happen in Nantes.

Pic credits: Courtesy of Vincent Beaucourt, volunteer with the live coverage team at web2day,