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It’s never been about office desks: community stories. #web2day 2019, Nantes

Yesterday in Nantes, Rasa Strumskyte and I hit the Atlanbois stage for the Web2Day festival, to discuss coworking in this day and age, and way more.

Our goal was not to comment on Talent Garden’s recent fundraising aiming to open great community campuses in cities “too small” for WeWork. It’s been vastely commented already, and I’m sure Real Estate nerds and I will widely dig into that next November in Warsaw.

We wanted to take the time to explain how do we live, learn, collaborate and share in those spaces, how do work and life happen in coworking communities and shared hybrid spaces, globally. People in the room were almost all “coworking virgins”, so we tried our best to keep it as simple and precisely rooted into everyday dynamics as we could.